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Sedona final logoANDERSEN, FRED:
Writer of suspense,   mystery, and comic fiction. He is an  avid movie fan and historian, and “Lily” was born out of research in Hollywood film   studio archives (and lots of movie bios). He is also a professional historian, and brings that to the story.

Author Docu-novel entitled “The Technology Of God, A Quest For The Secret Of Creation.” It’s a science fiction, romantic thriller based on a theory of physics that gives a scientific explanation of spiritual phenomena. Aleya will also display cards on her  energy healings, and jewelry that she makes infused with healing energies.

Author: “I’ll Always Be with YOU”. Since the horrific night a drunk driver slammed into their  car during his driving lesson, young Teddy has had to live with the memory of seeing his beloved father die. Now just 16, he carries both   sorrow and survivor’s guilt. Concerned for her grieving son, Mary decides to put as much distance between Teddy and that nightmarish Phoenix intersection.

Alan is a multi-genre publisher, writing novels since 1996, producing 17 novels and 1 non-fiction. An award-winning author with three #1 best-selling SciFi novels. Sunday Workshop: “How to Start, Write, And Finish Your First Novel.”

Pen Name, Diane Lynn, Bello Publishing, Author: “Sisters in Crime”; mystery, romance, suspense. 480 283-7436  Paradise Valley, AZ

“Oubliette—A Forgotten Little Place” is a  thriller consisting of seven interwoven stories with a paranormal-flavor set in a French castle. All the twisted  tales have a basis in historical events, legend, or real occurrences that “… lift you,  shock you, — and leave you wanting more.”

Author of “Bobby and the Golden Crown Trilogy”. An  adventure story with the magic of science fiction that leads to an epic conclusion and is written for the entire family.  Mitch can be found on Facebook (Bobby Walker) and at BobbyandtheGoldenCrown.com.

“Three Husbands and a Thousand Boyfriends” enhances Patricia’s storytelling of love addiction, domestic violence and post traumatic stress. Patricia’s raw reflections and  conversations with God offer a glimpse into the heartbreaking chaos she has survived.

Author,  Lecturer and Professional Grant Writer and Trainer. His book, “Taking the First  Step: Daily Meditations for Twelve Step Programs” is designed to help  persons in Twelve Step programs to daily experience the new philosophy of life which Recovery represents.

Author, The rich history and mysterious locations of the southwest serve as the setting for her first novel, “Misplaced,” a glimmer of a historic novel that weaves  together a story of conviction, unlikely friendships and mysterious forces at work in the Land of Enchantment.

Author of “Young at Heart: Aging Gracefully with Attitude”, winner of a Benjamin Franklin award and “The New Immigrants: American Success Stories” about recent, legal immigrants in Arizona. Anne has also taught “Memoir Writing” at Yavapai College Sedona Life Long Learning Institute for many years.

Curtis, who changed his name from Laub for show business purposes, has written what turns out to be a delightful first volume memoir that covers his family and his Marine Corps memories through World War II, the China Civil War and the Korean War. “The Way We Were”. hands his readers a slice of true Americana.


Author of “Choose Grace: Why Now is the Time” The 12 States of Grace are the expressions of those qualities within the Laws of Grace that help us experience love, joy and clarity.

“Michael Belmont and the Tomb of Anubis, and “Blowing Off Steam”. When It rains it pours, the time is 1891, the place, Arizona Territory. A year has passed since the death of her mother, and 17 year old Emma is struggling to manage life’s trials. Acting as the mother figure to her younger siblings, worrying about the overdue mortgage

“Crop Circles in Motion Oracle” a Cosmic Guide to a personal Evolution, inspired writing that attunes and harmonizes the subtle energies of the body system. She is best known in Sedona and internationally for the Light-Circles Jewelry that is inspired by the crop circles found around the world.

“FIRST STEPS” is the beginning of Elden’s journey away from home and out of childhood. It’s a thrilling tale set in the Fourth Age of the earth, a time of great deeds and heroism, and of course villainy Hit or Glitch is a podcast where we explore the multiverse of geek culture and experiment with rules and systems.

Author, Artist and Playwright: Assistant to the script supervisor for the new Dick Van Dyke series. The Story teller Hube Yates relayed 42 stories of the old west in Arizona “FROM THUNDER TO BREAKFAST” to the  Author Gene Garrison, a prolific writer in many genres including Sedona Artists from 1930 to 1999 and the Children’s story, “JAVELINA  (Have-uh-what?)

Award-winning author & illustrator of the children’s picture book “Orangutan: A Day in the  Rainforest Canopy,” published by Sedona’s     Dancing Dakini Press. Her goal is to make learning fun for young readers. She adheres to factual accuracy in her stories, while maintaining a flavor of whimsy with colorful illustrations.

Authors, Their children’s books bring to life artistry through colored pencil and rhyme. Dave, the illustrator, and Kristi, the author, are Arizona natives and have collaborated for almost 5 years publishing  5 picture books and 1 middle grade book. Dave also enjoys bringing to life local western art with  colored pencil and crayon.”

Dianne Hodges’s guidebook, entitled The Power of Me, Spiritual Tools for the Great Awakeing emboldens one to courageously and joyfully walk down the path to spiritual empowerment. www.omniversepublishingsedona.com

Author of 4 self-help and 1 poetry book. All 4 introduce and teach the self-help tool known as tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and spiritual principles.  “tap that!”; “Tap Into  Transformation: The Spirit, Mind and Body Connection”; “taptap!”; “Tracy’s hair”, “God made it special”; “tap that too!”: “Healing the Death Trauma”; girl love’ poems”.

HULEN, S. L. (Wright, Sandra):
“Misplaced” takes a glimmer of historical fact and weaves a story of conviction, unlikely friendships and mysterious forces at work in the Land of Enchantment.

Author, “The     Riviera Contract” and “The African  Contract” and “The Yemen Contract.” Available in print from Poisoned Pen Bookstore, Scottsdale, Arizona, and other bookstores, and electronically from Amazon, Barnes &  Noble, KOBO, IndieBound, and iBook. See www.diversionbooks.com

Author, “Cozy Mysteries, Jane Stanford Mysteries: Menu for Murder,” 1st in the series, received five star reviews. “Cocktails at Sunset,”  released Fall 2016, is murder sprinkled with some laughter and if you don’t want to know how the victim was carved up, then a “Cozy Mystery” might be the perfect choice.

Interactive Art – Painting on Canvas Participate, painting on canvas. Create the art that will be placed on for sale. This is a fundraiser for the Book Festival. It is a FREE event for the beginner and/or professional artist. Sponsor a Join us for your creative art participation.

Playwright, MRK Publishing, Photographer, Author, “The Powers of the Right Brain,” the inspirational autobiography of one woman’s quest to discover the art that defines her. Her second book, “Loved by Passion,” takes the reader on a mystical journey to find a soul-mate.

LAMB, G. K.:
Acclaimed Author, His first Novel “Filtered” was a finalist for the 2016 Next Generation Indi Book Awards as “Best First Novel.” Holds a BA and MA in history from Northern Arizona University; Arizona born Story Teller. In a world of ash, lies and rebellion, can a young woman reshape society through nonviolence or will bloodshed drown her dreams?

Author,  Poet, Writer, Spiritual counselor, Clairvoyant for the past 33 years; helping transform lives of many with her gifts of compassion, wisdom & clear insight. Aria believes that children are the bridge to a brighter  tomorrow and the key to healing our   planet. “The    Lulilites and the Seven Rays” illustrates how love changes everything.

Author, “The Fascinating Files of Claudia Broadstad.” Born and raised in Roswell, NM, Claudia has always had a knack for looking for problems to solve. She hoped to follow in her father’s footsteps and join him in putting away the bad guys; when he mysteriously disappears, however, Claudia is left all alone to solve the mystery of his disappearance.

Jan Marc “The Janimal” Quisumbing is a Sedona based cartoonist,  graduate of the Mason Gross School of Arts, Rutgers University. He serves as the West Coast Art Director for Pronto Comics, member Northern Arizona Cartoonist Association.. He is the creator of “The Adventures of Pogi Boy “and “Big Brown Monkey “.

Author of two books: “L.A. Women or How to Make Bad Boys Cry,” the story of a female police psychologist who must deal each day with the plight of women police officers in the Los Angeles Police Dept. while hoping that no one discovers her secret life in the dark shadows of the city. And “Ladies of the Canyon,” a story of women musicians living in a Southern California canyon in the 1960s-70s.

“Evolving with Adaptability: Who’s Driving the Car?” is a pocket book on the road to transformation from ego to soul.  Written with warmth, honesty and humor, it gives personal examples of experiences where the author was able to not react with her ego but   respond with her soul. This book provides simple truths without having to search out the profound in order to evolve and obtain inner peace.

Author, Speaker, Coach, Guide, Photographer. Published “Becoming Kate” and “Utethered.”  Explores the world through the written word and lens of her camera. Kate blends methods, of experiential  wisdom, and spiritual practice. Guides individuals into higher levels of awareness and clarity, helps them untie the holds of pain, reach value-driven goals, and experience deeper levels of peace.

In 2007, a partnership was formed with Virginia Hamer to edit and revise her novel “Spheres within Spheres” the Mythology of the Faeries, Spirits and Angels. This experience enlightened my literary endeavors to pursue the fantasies of children and young adults while maintaining family and spiritual values that are in the forefront of my writings.

Wrote and self-published “The Author’s Concise Guide to Marketing: How to Jumpstart Sales of Your Self-published Book” for first-time authors needing marketing skills. In 2013, Phelps self-published a non-fiction book about ravens: “The Un-Common Raven: One Smart Bird.”

Award winning author who wrote his first children’s book to honor his parents and family traditions. Later he realized the need for multicultural books and became passionate about writing books that inspire children to learn about their traditions, culture and history. “Sofia and Pepe’s Adventure Series” books were designed to inspire  children to learn about their traditions, culture, history and be proud of their heritage.

Author. “Bittersweet Resort, a Memoir of our Ozark Odyssey” will entertain you with tales of the pitfalls and pleasures of owning a small resort on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Read about the escapades of their guests: many are hilarious, some bittersweet, and a few tragic.

Award-winning children’s book author and illustrator. Her books “Tibetan Tales for Little Buddhas,” “Tibetan Tales from the Top of the World,” and “Where Snow Leopard Prowls” earned national and international honors. She will have all three  books as well as artwork from the books available for sale.

Author of “Flame: A Cautionary Tale.” This is the story of a fantasy relationship ill-fated from its start, told through poetry and whimsical ink paintings. Anita has been writing poetry since she first held a crayon in her hand. Her alter ego, Teeta Hecker, departed from sculpting in clay to take on the  challenge of ink painting to illustrate this book.

Arizona Native, Author, former Attorney, and eclectic writer: Her novel, “Brenin’s Crown,” is an Historic Novel Adventure, and  a Celtic Romance that is an entertaining read by a truly talented storyteller. Visit her site janetruthbooksandmore@gmail com

Author, “Dead Down East” and a “Priestly Affair,” First two novels in the Jesse Thorpe Mystery Series. Detective noir and smart screwball comedies. Old School private eye tales set in Maine, with inventive twists and local charm. A Sedona Resident for over 40 years; finding residences around the world.

“Chumming the Waters” is the world’s first book of poetry, for sharks, by sharks, with all the profits donated to sharks. Dive into a short collection of work by Arizona’s winningest slam poet, and all the profits are donated to Fins Attached for marine research, education, and conservation.

J.D. Scott is a publisher with A Book’s Mind and the author of the “Anahera Daniels ” fantasy, adventure series; “The Disillusionment, The Emergence, and The Restoration.“ Anahera wakes from a terrifying nightmare to discover she has the ability to travel to other planets. Her journey of self-discovery begins by seeking out her true identity, why a race of gargoyles is out to get her.

Author & Illustrator, born in Phoenix, Arizona.  Anita has resided in the state of Arizona her entire life thus far, “Father Time’s Hope”,  “Holiday Heroes Book Set”, “Easter Rabbit’s Magic” and more.

Author “Building a Schoolhouse; Laying the Foundation for Success’’ ; “Journey Toward Self” – a book of poetry; “Teachable Moments” – a motivational, self-help, desk top book; and  “Selene’s Search- A Children’s Chapter Book for  Grades 3rd-5th” Why did Selene’s mother leave her with her grandparents when she was just a baby? Selenen is convinced that her mother lives deep in the Old Woods near her.

Novels; “The Sphere of Archimedes”  released in 2013; A Young Adult adventure of a 9-year-old boy who finds a metallic orb with ancient writings. The sequel “The Omphalos of Delphi” along with “Rogue” a historic novel based the Samburu tribe in Kenya during 1909, was released in 2016.

The Occuli Books are a paranormal fantasy series. Award-winning novel The Grey Eyed Storm: The Occuli, Book One begins the series. The  Occuli are a race of “people” with magical powers depending on eye colors, fighting to survive against evil forces trying to extinguish them and steal their powers & land. A tale of magic and mystery, that’s just the beginning of their adventures!

Pharmacist,  Chiropractor, Caregiver. Author  “ESSENTIAL RESOURCE GUIDE FOR CAREGIVERS: Save TIME, Save MONEY,  Save Your SANITY!!!” provides resources to obtain FREE products, services, and programs that are often difficult to find–saving thousands of  dollars and hundreds of hours in time, every year. No need to search on your own. Everything is at your fingertips!

“Journey to Now: A True Magical Story of Love and Utilizing Energetic Connection with the Past, Present, and Future.” A Sedona love story that transcends centuries through the past life memories and modern day synchronicity. It is also a look into one woman’s         spiritual and philosophical quest resulting in fantastic life change.

TENN, LINDA:  Artist, designer, poet, imaginator and co-founder of Cat Create anew thing. We are delighted to share with you our     amazing New launch of Pinkee, a cat with art, graphics, story, book in the works and much more. We would love to meet you and before you ask, yes we can.

Writing both fiction and non-fiction, self-published ten cookbooks, four self-help books about writing, a children’s bedtime story, and her first suspense novel.  Is being old for sissies? Find out in “Beth’s Diary: Such an Ordinary Day.” Beth takes you cross-county while attempting to save her own life. This story is about courage, love, and betrayal.

Author of “A Gift of Synchronicity”. Divine Intervention or Coincidence? Synchronicity is an intriguing experience. It is a perfection of timing and location and connection. Carl Jung defined it as a significant coincidence between physical and psychological events that are common in cause. We think of  coincidence as chance but it is anything but chance.

“Touching Spirit – the Letters of Minominike,” released in the nation of Turkey. Reading the letters of an Ojibwa Cree man elder to his adopted white grandson, spanning decades in the lives of two individuals separated by generations and cultures. From ecstasy to heart-rending pain, from mundane to mystical, a journey of indigenous  wisdom.

AVATAR Jewelry of Sedona | One of a Kind, Vortex Inspired Designs | AvatarJewelryofSedona@gmail.com
(928) 830-0368

Jenn loves characters that have a pinch of spunk, a dash of attitude, and a large dollop of sex appeal. Top it all off with a huge heaping helping of snark, and you’ve got the ingredients for the kind of fast paced   stories she loves to write. Her debut paranormal romance is an award winning novel called “Struck By Eros.”

Super Spy Latesse Colt has a secret. One that could ruin her career. After spilling her secret to a  complete stranger, that turns out to be a new team member, Tess has to choose; come out and risk her job, or keep her secret and lose the woman she wants.

Author & Wiccan high priestess. Her debut novel, “Song of the Ancients,” weaves witchcraft and occult lore into Sedona’s magical red rock vortexes. Readers interested in witchcraft, shamanism — or just the dark side of the supernatural world around us — will enjoy this paranormal suspense written by a  real life Wiccan high priestess.

Cactus Moon is leading the way for the small publishing houses to compete in the publishing industry. We are proud to offer our readers choices in various genres and the lowest prices on our own books through our bookshop. Our goal is to jumpstart and foster the writing careers of new and seasoned authors.

Non-fiction Author: A simplified manual bookkeeping system for staying current with your accountant and the IRS. A flexible system which adapts easily to any law changes.

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